Managing Practice Education

HSPnet is a fully integrated solution for the challenges of Practice Education Management.

Practice education is a vital component of education in the health sciences, representing a significant portion of a student’s requirement for graduation. It is a joint responsibility of the education and health sectors that use HSPnet as a shared system to assist with the challenges of coordination, communication, risk management, and capacity development.

HSPnet provides an integrated set of tools for responding to these challenges. Users progress beyond core functionality for Placement Coordination as needed over time. Each program or site, organization, or a jurisdiction of educational and health partners can expand their use of HSPnet to support capacity building, preceptor recognition, prerequisite tracking, student orientation, and more.

Click a puzzle piece to learn about each component of HSPnet functionality:

HSPnet Components Student Management Staff Management Scheduling For Students Placement Coodination Privacy/Security Data Management Content Management Communications

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